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The twinning and friendship pacts between Italian local institutions and foreign communities are fully included in the planning goals of the Municipal Administration of Massa and Cozzile. They are inspired by the principles of brotherhood, solidarity, cooperation and peaceful coexistence among countries.

The concrete actions, in which the entities involved must undertake to contribute, relate to projects which have as their goals the construction and strengthening of international cultural relationships, promotion of production activities and specific eco-sustainable supports in developing countries.

Twinning with Bir Gandus (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic)

Massa and Cozzile concluded, as far back as 1993, a pact of friendship and partnership with the Daira of Bir Gandus, Wilaia of Auserd in “saharawiRepubblica Araba Sahrawi Democratica” document.

The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD) that legitimately recriminates sovereignty over Western Sahara (North West Africa), now occupied by the Kingdom of Marocco, is the only case of African region not yet decolonized. It is organized into Algerian territory, near Tindouf, on the border with Western Sahara. Here, in four large tents (saharawiCampi Profughi document), hundreds of thousands of Saharawi live as exiles and in extreme conditions.

The pact was signed with the mutual conviction that only the affirmation of justice and equal dignity among peoples, the right of independence, freedom and self-determination of nations, may allow a solid promotion of peace and development of all countries.

The Municipality of Massa and Cozzile and the Saharawi have tight and keep alive a pact of friendship and twinning to support the struggle of the Saharawi people for national independence and their own cultural identity, for fraternal social solidarity with the population of Sahrawi.

Since 1993, with the hospitality of children in Massa e Cozzile in summer, with the convoy of aids, with the political support to the Saharawi cause and the direct contacts between the two communities, they are mutually exchanged the social and cultural experiences that favor the spread of a culture of respect, self-determination and peace among peoples.


Judenburg is an Austrian charming town located in the region of Styria. It is in the Upper Mur Valley, at a height of 736 meters above sea level and it has about 10,000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by a mainly rural environment but not lacking modern comforts and the testimony of a cultural historic medieval town. Already mentioned in 1103 ” mercatum Judenpurch “, Judenburg is the oldest market traders of Styria; its importance will increase in the following century when the Duke Leopold VI of Austria proclaimed it “city” on 24 April, in 1224. In 1849 it became seat of a “Bezirkshauptmannschaft ” (capital of the police station) and developed in the current modern
industrial center and schools.

The twinning between Massa and Cozzile and Judenburg was signed in January 1999 between the Mayors of Massa and Cozzile at the time, Franco Nardini, and Judenburg, Peter Schlacher. The reasons for the twinning have strengthened during the years, through traditional exchanges of visits, but also through interpersonal relations established between citizens of the two communities, as well as between school communities, associations and economic operators.
Interested parties may obtain support and collaboration for the organization of stays and visits in Massa and Cozzile and Judenburg, through the competent offices for twinning.

The focus that has always been dedicated to interchanges, allows to observe, with the passing of years, an increased sensitivity to the friendly relations between the citizens of the two cities, proved by the interest accounted in occasion of traditional celebrations, of Tuscany in Judenburg, and of beer in Massa and Cozzile.

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